Off-Leash Dog Walking Service

“Quality Care For Your Active Dog”

Our off-leash dog walking service has been designed to most efficiently cater to those dogs and their owners who live nearest to the parks that we utilize. These venues are ideal for a crew of no more than four dogs at a time.

Your dog will enjoy up to an hour of trekking through nearby East Bay trails made available by The City of Oakland and the East Bay Regional Parks, and will be away from home for 1-2 hours, depending on the number of dogs on a given day. They always love the drive time, cool window breezes and sightseeing, all included.

We require that all new entries complete a six-week preparation period, paid in advance, to develop and ensure voice command in an off-leash environment.

All further trail hikes will be paid in 4-week increments, much like a health-club membership, to remain on schedule. We have been building positive relationships with dogs and their owners, which requires a mutual commitment by all parties involved.

“Quality Care For Your Active Dog”

Service Area:

Service Area Map of Oakland